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Step 1

Install Metamask

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Step 2

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) Why are you giving FREE Ethereum to people? +

(A) If you share your referral link you will bring new people to our site. As you can see we have ads all over the page which generates income, therefore we pay you with Ethereum for the traffic you generate for us.

(Q) Can I share my referral URL in many different languages? +

(A) Yes, you can go to the bottom of the page to change the language, after that, you can generate the referral URL again in the chosen language.

(Q) When can I withdraw my earned Ethereum? +

(A) You can withdraw your earned Ethereum as soon as your earning reaches 0.033 ETH. All you have to do is click the withdraw button.

(Q) When I check my earnings, why I don't see any earning yet? +

(A) As soon as you reach a minimum of 0.015 ETH to be able to view your earnings. Till then we recommend you share your referral pages everywhere so you can earn ETH faster.

(Q) Do I have to share my referral link every day? +

(A) There is no limitation on how many times you can share your referral link. The more times you share your referral link is the better. If you sharing your referral link on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks then are highly recommended to share it every day.

(Q) Can I check my earning every day? +

(A) You can check your earnings as many times as you want there is no limitation.

(Q) Why my account is BANNED? +

(A) If your account is banned that is because you tried to cheat on the levels. You are not allowed to open multiple partner URLs.